Experience Santa Fe Your Way

If you're visiting with your family or with a group of friends, A Vacation Different can provide custom-tailored recommendations for vacation rentals and experiences across the city different. From private massage on the patio to cultural tours we can help plan your Santa Fe experience. Reach out to us today to start the planning process! 

Santa Fe is a city of wonderful experiences and vacation periods for families, couples, and art lovers across the country and beyond. There are a wide variety of experiences one can gather based on personal preferences.

  1. The city's historical places
  2. Art museums, galleries, and pottery studios
  3. Vibrant culture and food
  4. Performing arts, casinos, and local antique shops
  5. Year-round festivals and events
  6. Sports complexes and areas for winter sports
  7. Famous hiking trails, mountains, and wildlife areas
  8. Local gardens, wineries, and vineyard
  9. Ranches and nature parks
  10. Educational centers and libraries
  11. Hot air balloon ride
  12. Nightlife and night tours
  13. Cooking classes and photography tours
  14. Hot springs and spas
  15. Fishing charters and tours
  16. Day tours and safaris