Bandelier National Monument & Pecos National Historical Park

No matter what the reason you’re visiting Santa Fe, whether it be unwinding at our spas, indulging in our award-winning restaurants, shopping artisanal creations from our vibrant artistic community, or marveling at the sight of Mother Nature’s mysteries, New Mexico has just the thing for you. Welcome to a state as rich in history as it is in excitement and wonder. Today, we’ll share a bit about Bandelier National Monument and Pecos National Historical Park, two renowned archeological sites in New Mexico.

Bandelier National Monument
Bandelier National Monument

Bandelier National Monument

Bandelier National Monument offers a glimpse into the Santa Fe region's rich history and natural beauty. For those seeking luxury accommodation after exploring these wonders, A Vacation Different provides vacation rentals that provide the perfect base to retreat after you’ve been channeling your inner Indiana Jones on an otherworldly expedition.

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Cave dwellings at Bandelier

A sight to behold, Bandelier National Monument, about 45 miles Northwest of Santa Fe, welcomes visitors with its ancient mysteries. Once home to the Ancestral Pueblo people, this archaeological masterpiece tells the story of a civilization interconnected with the sacred land we now stand upon.

Marvel at cave dwellings as you take in the fresh scent of ponderosa pines, Douglas firs, and juniper trees. In the spring and summer months, the region is bursting in color from wildflower blooms. Visiting Bandelier is an opportunity to time-travel and meet the ways of an ancient civilization while slowing down and taking in the beauty of the natural world.

Pecos National Historical Park

Venturing further east, about 20 miles outside of Santa Fe (and a perfect excuse for a day trip!), you'll discover the captivating Pecos National Historical Park. Pack a picnic lunch and prepare for an exciting day of exploration and discovery. It offers a peak into the vibrant past of Native American tribes, Spanish conquistadors, and the historic Santa Fe Trail.

As you wander through the park, you'll encounter remnants of a 17th-century mission church and walk along paths once frequented by indigenous communities. While you’re here, keep your eyes peeled for diverse flora and fauna. This unique ecosystem is home to a variety of wildlife and is a haven for birdwatching. A beautiful way to spend a free day in Santa Fe!

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Pecos National Historical Park

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