Savoring Santa Fe

Do you travel for food? Are you a fine-dining enthusiast? Do your taste buds influence where you’re headed on a map? Then get ready to taste the extraordinary flavors waiting for you in the City Different. We are thrilled to share that three of the top 15 fine dining restaurants in Trip Advisor’s Best of 2023 list are right here in Santa Fe, New Mexico! Buckle up and get your appetite ready for an unforgettable experience filled with delectable delights, vibrant art, and thrilling outdoor adventures. A journey to Santa Fe perfectly marries the worlds of adventure, luxury, and comfort, and it is our pleasure to welcome you as our guests at A Vacation Different! 

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An adventure for your tastebuds

Santa Fe isn't just a destination; it's an experience for all your senses. Our historical city is rich in culture, flavors, and arts - blending old-world charm and contemporary vibrance. One of the most exciting reasons to visit this year is the incredible accolade of having three of our fine dining establishments – Sazón, Geronimo, and Sassellamaking it to the top 15 of TripAdvisor's best fine dining restaurants in the country!

Today, we’ll walk you through the doors of each of these culinary hot spots. Making reservations is highly recommended! You can find the entire list here on Tripadvisor.

Sazón: A Culinary Tribute to Mexico

Imagine stepping into a world where the flavors of Mexico come alive with an elegant twist. Sazón is the place to be. Chef Fernando Olea, originally from Mexico City, was celebrated as the Best Chef of the Southwest in the 2022 James Beard Awards. He has been delighting the taste buds of Santa Fe patrons since 1991! 

Sazón's menu is a testament to its profound connection to the rich traditions of Old World Mexican cuisine.
Each dish is thoughtfully curated to highlight the use of locally sourced, fresh ingredients, including produce and meats, whenever available. All this unfolds within the warm embrace of an adobe building, where the restaurant serves a blend of classic Mexican dishes with a contemporary twist. From the Mole Poblano to the rich Tamales, every dish at Sazón is a masterpiece. This restaurant's vibrant and cozy atmosphere complements its rich menu, offering you a truly authentic experience. It’s romantic, vibrant, and memorable - an experience you will never forget!

Geronimo: A Timeless Culinary Gem

Currently listed as the #1 restaurant in Santa Fe on Trip Advisor, Geronimo is situated in one of Santa Fe's oldest adobe houses, symbolizing timeless elegance. This historic restaurant has been serving impeccable dishes for over 27 years, earning a well-deserved top spot on TripAdvisor's list. The menu is a flavorful blend of global influences and the freshest local ingredients, resulting in true culinary magic. From the Pan-Seared Elk Tenderloin to the Geronimo Sea Bass, each dish is a revelation for your taste buds. The executive chef at Geronimo is known for creating an eclectic and innovative menu that draws inspiration from various culinary traditions, including American, French, and Asian influences. It’s a trip around the world - on your plate! The restaurant has earned numerous awards for its cuisine and is considered one of Santa Fe's top dining destinations. 

Sassella: An Italian Oasis in the Desert

The name "Sassella" pays homage to a picturesque hamlet, home to just 60 residents and renowned for its flourishing vineyards. This charming village is nestled close to Chef Cristian Pontiggia's Italian hometown. Chef Cristian Pontiggia, with a wealth of culinary experience that includes tenure at esteemed two Michelin Star restaurants throughout Europe, has earned a host of accolades from the esteemed La Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs, a globally renowned gastronomic society.

Chef Cristian Pontiggia holds the official title of Master Chef, recognized by the Italian government, and boasts a prestigious culinary degree certifying his standing as a Doctor of Enogastronomy. For those searching for an authentic taste of Italy right in the heart of the Southwest, Sassella is a true revelation. With its charming courtyard and enchanting ambiance, this restaurant transports you to the hills of Northern Italy. It's no wonder it's one of TripAdvisor's finest. The menu celebrates Northern Italian cuisine, featuring dishes like the Osso Buco and the handmade Pappardelle al Tartufo. (Yum!) Sassella is the perfect spot to savor the flavors of Italy while enjoying the enchanting Santa Fe atmosphere. As we approach the colder months, it’s an ideal place to enjoy a cozy ambiance with heartwarming meals for a date night or family get-together!

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Santa Fe: Beyond Fine Dining

While the culinary delights alone would make Santa Fe a must-visit destination, this city offers so much more. Explore world-class art galleries, stroll through historic neighborhoods, and immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture with frequent festivals, gatherings, and weekend markets celebrating the beautiful blend of cultures throughout the city. Take a leisurely hike in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains or relax by the scenic Santa Fe River. It's a destination that rejuvenates your soul and calms the mind, all while tantalizing your taste buds!

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