Chocolate Maven

In Santa Fe, foodie heaven awaits you with the most delicious, diverse lineup. Prepare for a feast of flavors: top-tier chefs passionately creating their Michelin-starred magic, cozy steakhouses setting the mood, Italian flavors reminiscent of Nonna's kitchen, and how about those iconic Southwestern joints cranking up the quintessential red chili heat? This year, three out of the Top 15 in Tripadvisor’s Best Fine Dining in the country are based right here in our enchanting city.

Looking for something more casual? Dive into the local food truck frenzy, where creativity knows no bounds. The local coffee scene is booming - and of course, mornings mean one thing: hunting down that perfect breakfast burrito from the city's best-hidden gems. The City Different welcomes you every time with a vibrant, tasty adventure. Yet, in our humble opinion, one special location takes the cake for the best desserts in Santa Fe: Chocolate Maven, and we’re thrilled to introduce you to them today!

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A Sweet History

This family-run bakery has been serving up flaky pastries, decadent cakes, and delightful pies for over thirty years! For the past two years, A Vacation Different has proudly partnered with Chocolate Maven, providing our guests with scrumptious goodies to celebrate the holidays.

At The Chocolate Maven, it's not just about the treats; it's about making you feel like you’re cozy, cared for, and right at home. A value that we hold dear at AVD for all of our guests! Their tight-knit team firmly believes that the energy they put into the world sets the stage for a delightful dessert experience, and they don’t miss a beat here.

Expect them to blend top-quality, natural ingredients with time-honored baking techniques, creating treats brimming with joy and comfort in every bite. Owned and developed by a husband and wife team, executive chefs Dharm Andrew Segal and Cassie Ramos have evolved from baking in their home garage to perfecting recipes that locals have loved for over thirty years. Beyond their local operation, Chocolate Maven ships delicious baked goods all over the USA (perfect for gifting!) and provides scrumptious brunch, pickup, and catering options for our beloved locals.

Welcome to the Family

Step inside, and you'll feel the warmth of a team that's more like family. Many of their expert bakers have been crafting deliciousness for over two decades, creating a culture of togetherness, exceptional food made with love, and a relentless drive to keep experimenting and growing alongside each other.

What's truly impressive is their commitment to wholesome goodness. Bleached flour and hydrogenated oils? Not on their watch. The Chocolate Maven welcomes all dietary needs, offering vegan and gluten-free options with open arms. Their ingredients are consciously sourced, boasting organic eggs, coffee, and milk. They're proud advocates of free-range meats and seasonal produce when available, ensuring every bite tells a story of ethical sourcing and local deliciousness.

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Your Go-To for Holiday Desserts in Santa Fe

They are our pick for special occasion cakes and pies, especially during the holiday season! When Santa Fe turns into a high desert winter wonderland, there is nothing quite like a slice of their incredible green chili apple pie enjoyed with a hot cup of chai. Their Biscochito cookies (the official New Mexico state cookie!) are equally divine and perfect for leaving Santa under the tree! 

Birthday carrot cake from Chocolate Maven

As an AVD guest, you’ll enjoy exclusive discounts and treats from our partners, and Chocolate Maven has a sweet one for you. We look forward to welcoming you to your Santa Fe home!

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